Heat Wave

Here in the Northeast we are experiencing record heat. What better place to escape than the beach? Normally yes, but this weekend even the beach is hot.

It felt as if we were Melting Away….

Heat wave

Melting Away

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Pathways to Destruction

I grabbed a camera and headed out the door to have lunch with a friend. Between the parking lot and the restaurant I stumbled upon this narrow footbridge where I realized I had brought along the IR camera. Here for your viewing pleasure is a haze free IR version of a blue sky puffy cloud day for your enjoyment.


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Two images from Baltimore that feature sunspots.

Infrared Lines



Sunset on the Harbor
Baltimore Inner Harbor at Sunset

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This weekend in Baltimore when the lights went down the reflections on the water became more plentiful. This was one where the red seemed to be endless.

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Sailing in Conservatory Water

Recently on a walk in Central Park, I came upon Conservatory Water, a beautiful serene location. The image above captures the feeling of the locale.

According to the Central Park Website – Conservatory Water

The original plan for Central Park called for a formal flower garden and a large glass house, or conservatory, for tropical plants. An ornamental pond was constructed as a reflecting pool for the conservatory, but when the plan for a structure was abandoned, the water body became the popular model boat pond, inspired by those in Parisian parks.

From April through October, children and boat enthusiasts come to navigate radio and wind-powered vessels across the shimmering waters. It’s such a popular destination that writer E.B. White set the whimsical boat scene in his children’s classic, Stuart Little, here. It was recreated in the 1999 film of the same name.

Conservatory Water provides a serene background for a host of other activities. In the coldest winter months, the pond’s water level is frequently lowered for free public ice skating. In the summer, the beloved Hans Christian Andersen statue west of the pond is home to a children’s storytelling series. Birders also flock to the area, binoculars in hand, searching for signs of the famed red-tailed hawks of Fifth Avenue.

In 1993, the Central Park Conservancy refurbished the Boathouse’s terrace, incorporating the benches and planting beds you see today. The Conservancy later restored the pond, replacing the concrete stone with durable and attractive granite.

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Star Spangled Sailabration

This weekend the Tall Ships were on display in the Baltimore Inner Harbor as part of the Star Spangled Sailabration, Knowing that the harbor was filled with boats it was the destination of choice for the weekend. I loaded up with cameras, memory cards and batteries and off the Baltimore I drove. Thirty six hours, three dead batteries, one sunburn and 417 images later i returned home.

During the first day, I met up with photography friends and we toured the ships, mingled in the crowds, and lined the walkway taking sunset shots before heading further down the pathway to secure a location for the fireworks display. The tall ships were beautiful during the day and at night the ships were lit up for display making for a very impressive display. We shot late into the night.

Now that I am home looking through the images from the weekend.



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NYC Infrared

My newest toy is an old toy made new. I finally took the plunge and had my Canon 5D Mark II converted to infrared by Dan at was fantastic.  He responded to all my questions quickly and helped me to choose the right conversion to accomplish my goals. My choice the 830nm filter. I wrapped up my 5D and sent the camera to MaxMax where it arrived a Monday, converted and back in my hands Thursday, as promised, and just in time for my weekend in Central Park.

I pulled it out of the box added a Canon 35mm L lens and jumped on the train heading for Central Park. What better place to experiment with a new camera? I had a blast with my photo friends exploring the park and testing my IR camera. I pushed myself all day try things just to see what would happen.

Later when I arrived home and began to download images I was thrilled with the sharpness and the unique look I was able to achieve with the IR Conversion. Over the next several days I will be sharing some of the images from Central Park.

Here are the first two from one of my favorite locations.Which do you prefer the one on the right or the one on the left?

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